Map of Knowledge

2015, Jan 18    

Map of Knowledge where everything to learn is interconnected

"I'm not in the slightest interested in what I have to learn at School. Why do I need to learn maths? How would it benefit me?". One of the kids I was mentoring asked me that question once. I just said it's needed because A) you learn how to think logically and B) that would come in handy at some point in your later life. He seemed to agree but I knew my answer sounded a bit hollow.

Just before finishing uni I had a consultation with a professor, and talked about this somewhat vague idea that I had had in mind, which was to draw a map of Knowledge. Like.. You can draw a line between a subject and its prerequite subject, and if you add up all the lines you can think of, then you'd have a large map of what to learn. The professor didn't seem to be impressed by the idea, but I could understand why. The idea was too vague in what it would do and how it would benefit people.

I still don't know what it would actually do. But wouldn't it be great if a wandering high school student found a subject he hates on this map, and eventually realized that this awful subject is one of the starting points of what he really wanted to do in the future?